St. Patrick’s Day

A week from today we’ll be eating corn beef and cabbage (well maybe the lads won’t be eating the cabbage, they’re picky lol). I thought that this week we would be working our way towards St. Patrick’s Day each day with different projects each day in our lessons. I have to send a shout out to Teachers Pay Teachers for all the awesome printables that they have for free for St. Patrick’s Day. Go check it out.

Anyways, here’s the day by day outline of what we’ll be doing this week.

Monday March 10th

You can’t start the week learning about St. Patrick’s Day without going over a brief history of the holiday, the country and the culture. So we’ll be doing that first.
After our brief history lesson we’re going to start our St. Patrick’s Day lap book that will contain everything from culture to recipes to history to geography to religion/faith. Lap books are so much fun!! And this way the lads add something everyday and build up their knowledge. They’ll present their lap books on Monday March 17th. Today though, we’ll just put them together and get them organized. We’ll start adding stuff tomorrow.

Teachers Pay Teachers had a bunch of awesome printables as I said earlier. One of them was a pretty awesome ABC order packet with various activities to practice ABC order. Since the lads are a little weak in this department I figured it would be a good way to spice up the Monday english lesson

Tuesday March 11th

We’ll be working on our lap books again today. We’ll be adding family dynamics and culture today. This way they can compare how life is a bit different than what it is here.

Ireland is known for family crests and family honor. Today we will do our “Family Four Leaf Clover”. Pretty much it’s going to be a family crest but in the shape of a four leaf clover. This one should be fun and interesting!!

Graphing. Blah. But with Lucky Charms (or the generic, it doesn’t really matter) it should be a little more fun. Plus then you get to eat them afterwards and seriously, who doesn’t love marshmallows 😉

Wednesday March 12th

Again, we’ll be adding more stuff to our lap book today. Irish food and holidays will be added today. I love Irish food so this should be a fun one. Maybe we’ll even make some of it for dinner 🙂

(If you can’t tell I love Teachers Pay Teachers) Little book about Ireland. This printable looks amazing and easy to put together. I’ll link it on Wednesday.

You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without four leaf clovers!! So today we’ll be learning about four leaf clovers and how they are incorporated into Irish culture.

Thursday March 13th

Our lap books will be covering legends and geography today. Ireland is a beautiful beautiful country and we’ll be making sure that it is added. Maybe printing off some pictures? I wish a field trip would be affordable!!

Leprechauns!! Too bad they don’t like the horror movies because that would be a great activity for today. So instead we’ll be learning about the friendly ones that don’t want to rip you open for eating their coins. Rainbows, pots of gold and the history behind it. They’ll be able to tie in the four leaf clover legends and facts they learned earlier this week too.

Thursdays are typically Art day in our house right now. So keeping with the schedule and adding our theme we’ll be making paper plate Leprechauns with their photos in them (I probably won’t add the photos until Friday though). I love Pinterest, they have the best “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.

Friday March 14th

We should be done with our lap books by today. Today we’ll be adding some more history and the Celtic/Pagan faith to it as well. Most of ancient Ireland was Pagan in the old days and it’s always a good way to incorporate the history of Paganism. We will also cover how St. Patrick came to Ireland to preach about Christianity and spread the word. You can’t pick and choose your history so you have to incorporate it all in an unbiased way. You’ll learn that about me as this blog moves on 🙂

Science day is typically Fridays. We’ll be discussing why potatoes are always linked to the Irish and then we’ll be doing some fun science experiments with potatoes. Potato clocks are always a good one. It will be fun to see how it works. We’ll also be starting some projects that will take a little while to fully develop. The lads will be growing potato eyes and growing a potato from a scrap. These will be continued in further posts to watch their progress.

Luck of the Irish!! The lads will make a “LUCK” flap book today. It’ll be fun to have them put it together.

The Big Day!! Monday March 17th

IT’S HERE!!! St. Patrick’s Day. Our lap books should be ready to be presented, the lads should see some progress on their potatoes which they will record and of course corn beef and cabbage will go in the crock pot. I’m thinking of adding some green painted footprints to the toilet seat and throwing some green food coloring in the toilet just for some boy humor. Some games, activities and of course food will be done today. There will also be a fun writing assignment titled “who means more than a pot of gold.” We’ll review our family four leaf clover and generally have a good day. Of course, wear our green. I don’t like being pinched 🙂

Stay Tuned this week to follow our journey through Ireland as we study St. Patrick’s Day. Blessed Be followers!! 🙂


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