St. Patrick’s Day Unit: Monday Recap

We started our St. Patrick’s Day Unit yesterday. I love lap books and so do the lads. They worked pretty hard on the start of it yesterday. The only thing we didn’t do was glue them on because I discovered that we didn’t have any glue sticks. :/

Here’s the link to the Ireland lap book that we are using.

Today we are going to work on our Family Four Leap Clover and some more of our All About Ireland lap book. We may be adding another section for interesting facts.

Did you know:
Ireland is also known as the Republic of Ireland?
Halloween was derived from Samhain which was a Pagan/Celtic tradition that represented the end of the harvest?
The Titanic was made in Ireland?
There is no yes or no in the Irish language?
There isn’t a zip code used outside of Dublin?


I am learning just as much as the lads are!! I hope we keep up the momentum for today!!

Until next time, Blessed Be followers.




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